Introducing Motorcode, a patented intelligent live vehicle identification system that captures and shares the journey of your vehicle. It seamlessly connects users with evolving services that support the automotive sector and its contributors. Our omnichannel infrastructure refines the interactive landscape for consumers, manufacturers, and service providers, creating a valuable synergy of community data that improves the accuracy of information and the efficiency of accessing it.

We have bridged the gap between conventional interactions by providing dynamic personalized discovery experiences.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional advancements in technology and services, to support the automotive community and it’s contributors.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable online automotive community, that is dedicated and built for enthusiasts.


Automotive’s evolving heritage and landscape has been the result of an ongoing passion that has defined legacies, formed friendships and shaped the industry we know today. We are dedicated to providing the tools that help cultivate automotive heritage but also support the pioneers of ingenuity for the future.


From shared dreams to shared expertise, we embrace the collaboration of partnerships and the convergence of great talents and minds, together we are developing services that exemplifies the enthusiast’s spirt with streamlined connectivity to helpful tools.

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[AiR] Technology

Innovation in the automotive sector is the fuel that propels our journey forward. In support of the community and its contributors, our company has embarked on a technological journey that shifts the boundaries of connectivity to provide a visionary service of personalized discovery.

AiR Technology is a frictionless connectivity tool that automates user redirections, to persona appropriate applications, content, and data. US 11,620,463B2