Saturday, August 19th 2023: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Rev up your engines and buckle in for a high-octane journey into the heart of automotive history and culture, where the asphalt pulses with the echoes of legends past. Enter the thunderous realm of the Woodward Dream Cruise – a symphony of horsepower, a pilgrimage of petrolheads, and a showcase of classic cars that roars with the spirit of racing.

Imagine a kaleidoscope of over 40,000 classic cars converging upon this hallowed stretch of asphalt. Each of these mechanical marvels has a story to tell, a legacy to uphold, and a soul that yearns to let loose its engine’s roar on the grand stage of Woodward Avenue

The Woodward Dream Cruise is North America’s largest celebration of automotive culture, attracting nearly one-million visitors and thousands of classic cars each year.

In 1848, Woodward Avenue was nothing more than a rugged track, navigated by daring carriage drivers in pursuit of glory. But as the 20th century emerged, the asphalt took shape, and Detroit’s main street evolved into a promenade of prestige, graced by opulent churches and grand mansions that stand as sentinels to the city’s automotive legacy.

It was in the year 1958 that the true spirit of competition took hold. The roadway, with its wide expanse, central median, and strategic sections, became a canvas for a new breed of racers – the street warriors, the daredevils with fuel coursing through their veins. Unsanctioned street races would ignite along this very road, as young petrol-fueled daredevils went wheel to wheel, seeking the rush that only victory can deliver.

So gear up, grip the wheel, and brace for the symphony of engines and emotion that is the Woodward Dream Cruise.