Streamline Custom Designs, United Pacific, Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, and Goodguys Hot Rod Association. Together, have embarked on a thrilling mission to forge the ultimate masterpiece – a 1932 Deuce Coupe, the iconic Model 18.

This masterpiece born from the fires of collaboration, and the vision of true artisans, Streamline’s Co-Owners – the dynamic duo of Isaac Gonzales and Donnie Hall – bring their second-generation hot-rodding heritage and craftsmanship to life, that can only be described as automotive poetry

Join the journey, attend the upcoming events or register online, your ticket to the ride of a life time awaits.

Location : Loveland, CO
Date: Sept 8th – 10th
Event: GoodGuys 25th Grundy Collector Nationals

Location : Fort Worth, TX
Date: Sept 16th – 18th
Event: GoodGuys Summit Racing Lone Star Nationals

Location : Bartlesville, OK
Date: Oct 6th – 7th
Event: Gathering at the Roc

Location : Las Vegas, NV
Date: Oct 31st
Event: SEMA

Location : Pleasanton, CA
Date: Nov 11th – 12th
Event: GoodGuys 33rd Fuel Curve

Location : Las Vegas, NV
Date: Nov 17th – 19th
Event: GoodGuys 26th Scottsdale, AZ